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Spinner hanger type shot blasting machine Photy FTQ38 series for sale
ItemSpecifications of hanger type shot blasting machine
Hook max loading capacity/kg200300400500Can be designed by customer's requirement
Max cleaning size
Production capacity/(hook/h)35-5535-5535-5535-55
Hook operating speed/(m/min)1-21-21-21-2
Cleaning quantity/pc2222Can be adjusted by the customer's production quantity and speed
Impeller headQty/set4466Can be adjusted by the customer's production quantity and speed
Blasting qty per set/(kg/min)250250300300
Power per set/kw151518.518.5
Outside size/mm12000*4100*7200
(Under ground is 1500)11850*5500*10000
(Under ground is 2000)15000*5400*8500
(Under ground is 2000)17500*10000*7500
(Under ground is 2000)The outside can be designed by customer's requirement
Total power(not including dust removal)/kw8386135140
This kind of hanger shot blasting machine consists of the shot blasting machine, cleaning chamber, hanging conveyor, shots circulatory system and electric control system.
Spinner hanger shot blasting machine is a carrier using hanging chain conveyor (with many hooks, commonly known as chain hoist) as its workpiece. In terms of the type and operating characteristic, this kind of equipment can be divided into continuous and accumulating chain. Because the equipment enables the workpiece to be cleaned on the rotating hook and there are lots of hooks, therefore it has advantages of good cleaning effect, high productivity, clear casting profile and crash proof, and etc..
Hanger type shot blasting machine adopts the normal hanging chain conveyor.
Product features:
1) The hooks are set in an equal distance with uniform velocity; continuous operation and high production efficiency; but degrees to clean up the workpiece on each hook can't be adjusted and can only load and discharge under dynamic circumstances.
2) There is no door for the casting inlet and outlet. The sealing performance of the chamber is generally worse than step-by-step type and accumulating type.
3) The length and layout of the chain hoist can be set according to the requirements of customers. Operating stations for loading and unloading castings are flexibly arranged, easily forming an assembly line with prior and next working procedures.
4) Normal hanging conveyor is easy-to-use, low-cost and needs small amount of maintenance.Catenary Abrator factory

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